Baby delivery:What is the procedure for normal baby delivery?Pregnancy tips

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Normal Baby Delivery,Every woman wants a normal baby delivery for health baby: In this section we will discuss different methods of baby delivery either normal or C- section


Baby delivery:What is the procedure for normal baby delivery,babybirth, parturition
Natural delivery leads healthy baby
 By the end of 9 months of pregnancy the foetus(baby) fully developed and ready for a baby delivery..

   In a healthy female for, the average duration of normal Pregnancy  about 9 months, which called the gestation period.
Labor: is process by which, fetus ,umbilical cord and placenta leave out side the body, from the uterus this commonly know as baby delivery.

What are types of baby deliveries in pregnancy?

 There are four common delivery methods.

 Natural or vaginal baby delivery or child birth 

  Normal delivery is the most natural and common way  to born  a baby. In this method of delivery, the baby is birth through canal, where  mother’s vagina muscle move and push the baby out. Every expecting mother hope to have a normal baby delivery and this is true for many cases.

 This is also the most suggested way of giving birth to a baby as it allows quick and easy recovery for mother.This method has lower infection rates and quicker recovery time.

 This method is also help in baby in lesser rate of respiratory problem.In normal delivery, the baby is not subject to the affects of  drugs and by the time of medication give worst of the  pain has already occurred. Normal baby delivery can takes hours and tiring for the mother.

 Normal  delivery can be different form one mother to next m. And even  different from one baby to next from the same mother.

Do you have to get stitches if you have a normal childbirth ?

Childbirth can causes some tears in the vagina or cervix. You have stitches if you have required significant tearing,those have to be sutured stitches have to required but it depend from person to person.

 Zigzag tears which are more painful and difficult to heal caused by difficult child birth. To prevent zigzag tears, the doctors or nurses prefer to create more space, for the baby come out by giving an episiotomy.


Surgical method or cesarean section(C-section)

Sometimes normal deliveries are very difficult for different reasons and could dangerous the lives of both baby and mother then doctor prefer to C section or surgery.
Why dose C- section  require to delivery ?
The delivery of the baby through the normal way, from the uterus through the vegina, is not possible without serious injuries to the mother or baby or both.
Some causes that are not able to possible for normal delivery.
1:- When baby’s head is too big for  pelvic or pelvic is too small for the natural childbirth, in that condition C sections is required. So you will have to make decision to C section or Surgery for your  baby delivery.
2:- when Placenta blocking the cervix or placenta covering the cervix, in that condition baby’s head not comes out.

3:- Previous uterine surgery, if have any C -section before for child birh. There is chance to uterine rupture along the old incision line that’s why doctor don’t want  take any chance.
4:- mother has heart attack or stroke during the late Pregnancy or labor. Which is dangerous for both mothers or baby.
5:- Multiple foetuses can cause late Pregnancy , so C- section may be essentials.
6:- Fetal distress that means baby can not long handle labor.
Baby delivery:What is the procedure for C- section baby delivery,Surgically childbirth
In Cesarean method make baby out by cutting uterus through stomach (Fig K.3)
7:- Separation of placenta, sometime Placenta separate from the foetus and come out the uterus without carrying the baby. So there is no option except C- section or surgical method  to delivery.

Forceps Baby Delivery 

 It has to be understood that, Forceps is not used normally or routinely. It has a set of indication and should be used only when these indication are present.

Some of them include maternal exhaustion,fetal distress,heart disease or hypertension disorder of pregnancy. It is preferred when the benefit outweigh  the risks.

Baby delivery:What is the procedure for normal baby delivery ?what is forceps delivery
Forceps helps in parturition(Fig K.2)


 It is just like a vacuum extraction. This is also types of natural delivery,where a  specialized forceps  being used to pull the baby out of vaginal can see the how forceps helps in delivery (FigK.2)

Vacuum Extraction :

The Vacuum Extraction is another method for a baby delivery .
It creates only when there is no air resistance in the given system, this mean air needs to be pumped. It creates by extracting air/gases out of a system. Vacuum pump do the job, when a chamber connects to the vacuum pump, air removes from it to create vacuum.

Vaccum baby delivery,procedure for vaccum baby delivery,
Vaccum helps in baby take out (Fig K.1)

Some pregnancy tips.

 *Eat as much healthy and organic meals as possible but don’t put on extra weight.No junk food,no empty calories.
Vegetables,fruits,healthy foods for narmol delivery,Baby delivery:What is the procedure for normal baby delivery ?
In pregnancy, vegetables keeps healthy your baby.
* Stay healthy stay fit,if you are healthy,your coming baby will be also healthy,finally your baby delivery will be  normal. So you have to do regular exercise,which is help control or reduce your weight. Extra weight can create a problem in case of normal child birth.

Why a woman can’t get pregnant? Know 10 common reasons.

Consultant a gynecologist at time to time who has long term experience, in the field of a normal delivery. Or hire a mild wife(Obstetrics) who has long term experience in the field of a normal baby delivery.
* Must take a sufficient amount of rest,so that the coming baby stay fit and fine.

My  personal preference is natural birth,Recovery is very quick. So we should prefer 1st it.

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