Early symptoms of pregnancy:Pregnancy symptoms week by week,

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  Definition: Pregnancy [Early symptoms of pregnancy] means condition of women preparing for birth of child.

Early symptoms of pregnancy:Pregnancy symptoms week by week,
A pregnant female
              When a mature ovum fertilizers with sperm embryo is formed and this embryo turn into baby in the Mother’s womb for 9 months.



 Duration 280 Days or 266 days from the day of the ovulation calculate your last of the MC after 9 calendar months + 7 days to it the expected date of  delivery. A typical  pregnancy lasts 40 weeks from the first day of your last menstrual cycle to the birth of a baby.
It is divided into three stages
1st     trimester [ first 12 weeks of period]
2nd    trimester [ 13 to 27 weeks of period]
3rd     trimester [ 28 to until to the birth]

 Symptoms of pregnancy

 There are many  Early symptoms pregnancy( physical change) these are listed below.
 How do  ensure that you are  pregnant or not?

 Home pregnancy test:


 Until you make a positive pregnancy test at your home if you want to know  am  I pregnant early sign?
 Remember however these  test are more likely to be accurate when used  at least one week after the last menstrual cycle   if you the test  less than 7 days before your last MC it may give you a false result

Early symptoms of pregnancy:Pregnancy symptoms week by week,
Home pregnancy test kit fig C.1

If the test is positive it is more likely to that you are actually pregnant.However if the test is negative there is the increase  chance that the taste is wrong.

These pregnancy test kits are available in the market.

Velocit  pregnancy test kit

Velocit  Easy pregnancy

Dr Norepen  pregnancy test kit(Quick check)

 First response pregnancy test kit

 I-can pregnancy test kit




 A typical the first sign or early symptoms of pregnancy in mostly female have spotting 7 days before their period,(MC) due to likely  implantation bleeding.
 After days of the conception the fertilization egg attached to the wall of the uterus and this can cause implantation bleeding (Sporting).  Women experience spotting and cramping as early as 6 to 12 days after egg is fertilized. Usually the cramps due to the increase growth of cell lining  the vagina . In addition, early sign of pregnancy is white vaginal discharge. This can begin very soon after the conception and it is due to the increase the growth of cell lining the vagina.(fig C.2)

what is a menstrual cycles?

 Missing Menstrual  cycle(MC):

 Missing of MC is the maximum possibilities sign of the pregnancy or early symptoms of pregnancy. Mostly women will notice symptoms until 2 week after the conception later (after they missing their period) some women experience symptoms as early 6 to 10 days after the conception. This makes sense because  the hormone “human chorinic gonadotropin”(hcG)   is produced by the cell that form the placenta and levels can be detected by the blood test about 7 to 12 days after the conception and by urine test about 12 to 14 days conception.

Early symptoms of pregnancy:Pregnancy symptoms week by week,
Spotting due implantation of embryo Fig C.2

In generally the hcG level double every 72 hours in the early pregnancy.

 These are many reasons beside pregnancy for missing a period. It might be that you gained or lost more  weight. Hormones problem, fatigue, stress and other possibilities women miss their period  when stop taking birth control  pills.
 How can you avoid from unwanted pregnancy?


 Fatigue also high among the  Early symptom of pregnancy. Due to the levels of progesterone hormone increase which might make you feel sleepy. Feeling very tired is normal pregnancy,steady early a women can start feeling unusually fatigue as soon as one week after conceiving.

 Breast changes:


 Breast change are another very early sign of pregnancy. A women hormones level rapidly change after the conception. Because of the change her breast may become swollen, sore,or tingly a weak or two later or  they may feel heavier or  feel tender to touch. The area around the nipples may also darkened .(Fig C.3)

Early symptoms of pregnancy:Pregnancy symptoms week by week,
Breast becomes swollen during pregnancy Fig C.3

 Mood swings:

  Emotional change are tied to the hormonal change  that are happening in your body demanding pregnancy. You might find yourself snapping body in reply to a casual comments or find yourself crying over some small matter.

Early symptoms of pregnancy:Pregnancy symptoms week by week,
Mood swing also sign of pregnancy Fig C.4
 The factors whenever are the responsible for  mood swings
 Emotion and mood 
objective and subjective health status
social relationship relationship with partner economical status

 Vomiting / nausea:

Early symptoms of pregnancy:Pregnancy symptoms week by week,
Vomiting or Nausea common sign found in all females during pregnancy  Fig C.5


 It is quite normal in healthy pregnancy due to hormonal changed in the body and few of the newer hormones body is getting exposed to create such reactionary nausea and vomiting for initial 3 to 4 month vomiting can be regular things after that body gets used to  physiological change of pregnancy.(Fig C.5)

 Weight to gain:

   Where does so much weight exactly goes?

Early symptoms of pregnancy:Pregnancy symptoms week by week,
Weight gain sign for a health baby but excess weight may  cause miscarriage Fig C.6


weight gain due to

 Baby                2 to 4 kg
 Placenta                 1 kg
 Amniotic fluid          1 kg
 Blood                      2 kg
 Uterus                     1 kg
 Breast                     1 kg
 Fat store                 4 kg
 Retention fluid       varies in different females
  Gaining weight steadily is very important during the pregnancy but gaining a lot of weight can increase your chance  of miscarriage ,cesarean ,hypertension and not forget a lot more weight often your delivery.(Fig C.6)

 Some other Early symptoms of pregnancy


Back pain


 Hip pain



Heart burn 


Signs you can’t get pregnant

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