Female ovulation cycle calendar and symptoms: 7 common signs of ovulation

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Hello everybody,Wel come to my website, In this section discuss about  very important topic “female ovulation” toward normal and healthy pregnancy.Although I am not Gynaecologist but deeply study of Gynecologist’s article and Biology books so that I have 4 years of experience that I share with you.

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What is ovulation,Female ovulation,Female ovulation cycle calendar and symptoms: 7 common signs of ovulation

This is how an egg raptures out from female ovary during ovulation period (Fig L.1) 

Overview of female ovulation :

Ovulation is one of the stage of female mensuration cycle. During this stage release of an egg from woman’s ovaries. After that the egg travels down to the fallopian tube where it meets the sperm and gets fertilized. 
Therefore ovulation is most important stage of menstrual cycle to ward  have child. However ovulation typically lasts 12-24 hours. It occur in the middle of a woman’s menstrual cycle.
 However  2 todays after ovulation the egg is died. It dies between  12-24hours  after the  actual ovulation. 
 It generally occurs  between 12 to 16 days before your next period starts. However  typically only one ovum is released during ovulation.
 Even if your menstrual  period is not occurred, there are the chances that your ovulation may start.  It does not occur in children or women who have reached their menopause. 

  Symptoms of ovulation period:

 Every woman wonders about ovulation the most those couple who are  planning to have a baby.
 However the ovulation timing is not fixed each months, but you can detect the right timing by the some symptoms of ovulation.
 A  women ovulates anytime between date 10 to 16 days of her mensuration cycle. Like how a menstrual cycle typically lasts between 28 to 32 days, ovulation also where is from  cycle to cycle and from women to women. Therefore  it is need to know symptoms of ovulation.

Ovulation bleeding:

 Spotting or bleeding, It can be normal around  the ovulation.However  not every women experiences it, but it is really no sign of a problems, if this normally happens to you10 common reasons tha a woman can’t get pregnant.
If you used to take pills, we should not ovulate and  it is due to other cause. It is advisable to take to a doctor once, to confirm  nothing is wrong.

Why bleeding during female ovulation ?

 When the mature follicles of the ovary  raptures to release the egg.Therefore, sometimes small amount of blood which can enter the fallopian tube after that, enter the uterus. 
However there are many reasons spotting around  the time of ovulation  including withdrawal bleed  lining of uterus( growth of endometrium layer)

 When dose your basal body temperature increase, if your menstrual cycles 28 days period or 22 days period.

 If you have 28-32 days menstruation cycle period, the ovulation  or basal body temperature may be occur before between  10-16 days of your next coming  menstrual cycle.
What is fertilization,ovulation,egg and sperms,Female ovulation cycle calendar and symptoms: 7 common signs of ovulation
Many sperms attaché one single
egg to lead fertilization (Fig L.2)
 Let’s see example, suppose your menstrual cycle start 10 March, then your ovulation or BBT   will occur between 20- 26 March.
 If you have 20 to 22 days menstrual cycle period, then your ovulation may occur, between 6-10 days after of your last menstrual cycle’first day bleeding.  As your menstrual cycle is end the chance ovulation starts very soon.

Female Ovulation pain


 Once an egg is develops in the ovary, it is surrounded by the follicular fluid. After that during ovulation, the egg and the fluids as well some blood vessels raptures from the ovary.Therefore the exact cause of lower abdominal pain or  inside the hip bone. 
The pain typically occurs about the two weeks before the menstrual cycle is start.  This pain is felt on the right or left side depending on, which ovary release an egg.
Some women fell sharp, sudden pain on  lower abdomen may be caused by the egg itself,  bursting out of the follicles.
In addition, endometriosis is an inflammatory disease which affect, the  ovarian and fallopian tubes, It can cause also due to ovalation.

 Increase the body temperature

BBT  basal body temperature the lowest body temperature in 24hours period. If you want to measure accurate the basal body temperature, when you first wake up in the morning before you even sit up in the bed. If you body feel more heat or temperature that means your basal temperature may  increased due to ovalation. 
Your basal temperature change  in a regular pattern  through your cycle, because of hormone changes in your baby. Basal body temperature may be increase by 0.4F to 1F  degree after  ovulation. Basal body temperature(BBT) and mucus changed are good enough to indication of the ovulation.
This is also natural family planning method because if you want get pregnant or planning for have child  that is the perfect time to conceive.The success rate of this method (BBC and  mucus change) up to 90% and there is no side effects at all.

 Sexual excitement

However  Biologists long debate on this topic,someone agree and some not, but many women have experience during this time they  feel uncomfortable horny because your body really really wants a baby about now. Therefore,  this is stage is very very important for those who wants a baby. or who wants delay in baby.Therefore sexual excitement increase during famale ovulation.
 An  increase in women’s sexually attractiveness due to minute  behavioural sign from the woman or possible due to the production of  higher pheromones  (the chemical substance which is produced in mammals) during ovulation,therefore sexually intercourse desire higher.


 Cervical mucus change during female ovulation:

 Cervical fluid,or mucus  watery fluid comes out through vagina. However you can have thick milky white mucus plug at any point of your cycle it typically during the sexually intercourse or when womens have really excitement to have sex but when your ovulation this mucus will be stretchy  like” raw egg white” it will be heavier in the quantity sticky like thin transperent glue.

Why mucus is changed during female ovulation ?

Mucus change is important   but without  the mucus, it is difficult to achieve conception. Mucus makes  uterus more slippery. The change of cervical fluid is not just to  indicate ovulation. 
The fluid change makes  it easier for the egg and sperm to meet and get fertilized. Sperm can be viable for up to 5 days, and the change  in fluids easier to passage of the sperms. 
Because the actual fertilization take place in the fallopian tubes  near the ovary. The egg is only 12-24 hours viable at most.So the sperm  dose  most of the travelling before fertilization. Therefore  the cervical fluid change is for more than one day. 
However  fertilization may be occured  but you are really only  pregnant, when  implantation occurs.  That’s when the  hormonal changes start  that’s mean you are pregnant. Implants takes 7 to 10 days after ovulation.
Real imge of ovum,ovulation,original image during egg like to ovulate
This real image of an egg like
to rapture( Fig L.3)
Image source google 
               Some women get watery mucus and a wet sensation around ovulation   rather than egg white, this sort of mucus presentation considers extremely fertile as well. However good quality mucus  increased the chance of conception, but lack of egg white  doesn’t necessarily eliminate, the chance of conception.

 Breast tenderness

 Breast tenderness or sore : it is not reliable or accurate indicator of ovulation but it is might given you a rough idea that it happening.  
Some womens have experience it is typically start having right after ovulation  to be sensitive and sore until two to four days  before start menstrual cycle.
  For some women population can cause breast discomfort. Your body is putting out pregnancy hormones just in case that one gets fertilized. Beside of ovulation pregnancy can cause brest tenderness. 
Ovulation usually occur 14 days of your period so  it is likely you are ovulating. Some women   usually have an experience  that is the beginning of the pregnancy.

 Decrease appetite

 Female hormone effect trend to very different from person to person  and quiet varies at times.
Therefore hormonal change suppress your appetite

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