Female Reproductive system/Accessory Duct/Mammary gland

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Hello everybody,Wel come to my website, I going to discus about female reproductive system  which  is include Accessory duct and Mammary gland etc.

First see 

Parts of female reproductive system

  1. A pair of ovaries 
  2. A pair of oviducts 
  3. Cervix 
  4. Vagina 
  5. External genitalia 
  6. A pair of mammary glands 
 The female reproductive systerms consists of a pair of ovaries alongwith a pair oviducts, cervix vagina and the external genitalia located in the pelvic region(figA.1) these parts of the systems alongwith a pair of the mammary glands  integrate structurally and functionally to support the process of Ovulation,Fertilisation,  pregnancy, birth and child care.

Test your brian ? Question related female reproductive system

1:Write the neme of all female reproductive  parts?
2:Witch parts are in pair in fame reproductive systems?
3:Which is the primary sex organs in female?
4: Write the name of hormones which is produced by ovaries?
Ovaries are primary female sex  organs of female reproductive systems, that   produce the female gametes (ovum) and several steroid hormones( ovarian hormones).

Female Reproductive system/Accessory Duct/Mammary gland image
Diagrammatic sectional view of female pelvis showing reproductive system(fig A.1)


  •  The ovaries are located one on each side of the lower abdomen (figureA.1)
  •  Each ovary is about 2 to 4 CM in length and connected to the pelvic wall and uterus by the ligaments.
  • In female reproductive system,each ovaries is covered by a thin epithelium which encloses the ovarian stroma the stroma is divided into two zone a peripheral cortex and inner medulla

Female accessory ducts:


  1. Oviduct (fallopian tubes)
  2. Uterus 
  3. Vagina 

  •  The oviduct( fallopian tubes),uterus  and vagina constitute  the female accessory ducts.


  •  Each  fallopian tube is  about 10 to 12 cm long and extend from periphery  of each  ovaries to uterus(figure A.3) the part closer to the ovary is the funnel-shaped infundibulum


  • The ages of the infundibulum possess finger like projection called fimbriae, which is help in collection of the ovum after ovulation.


  •  The infundibulum leads to a thicker part of the oviduct’ called ampulla.  The last part of the oviduct isthmus has a narrow  lumen and  it join the uterus.


  •  The uterus is most important of female reproductive system for baby growth and it is single and also called womb.The shape of uterus  is like an inverted pear , ligaments support to inverted pear and attach  to the pelvic wall. The uterus open into vagina through a narrow cervix the cavity of the cervix is called cervical canal( figureA.2) which is along with vagina form the birth canal. The wall of the [know about Menstrual Cycle]
 Diagrammatic sectional view of female reproductive systems
Diagrammatic sectional view of female reproductive systems

Uterus layer: significant part of female reproductive system 

  1. External thin layer   perimetrium
  2. Middle thick layer    myometrium
  3. Inner layer              endometrium
Uterus has three layer of tissue.The external thin membranous perimetrium ,middle thick layer of the smooth muscle,myometrium and  inner glandular layer is called endometrium that lines the uterine cavity. 
The endometrium undergoes cyclical change during  menstrual cycle while the myometrium exhibit strong contraction during delivery of the baby.

Test your brain
1:Write name of female accessory ducts?
2:writer the name of uterus’s layers and their function ?
3:Which layers helps in contraction during delivery of the baby?

Female external genitalia:

  1. Mons pubic 
  2. Labia majora
  3. Labia minora
  4. Clitoris
  •  The female external genitalia include mons public, labia majora, labia minora and clitoris(fig A.1)
  •  Mons pubic  is a cushion  of fatty tissues covered by skin and pubic hair.The labia majora  are fleshy  folds  of tissues which extend down from the mobs pubic and surround the vaginal opening.
  •  The Libia minora are paired  folds of tissue under the labia majora, The opening of the vagina is often covered partially  by a membrane called Hymen. 
  • The clitories is a tiny finger like structure which lies at the upper junction of two Libia minora above the urethral opening. The hymen is often torn during the 1st coitus (intercourse).
  • In female reproductive systems,a functional mammary gland is characteristic of all female mammals. The mammary glands are paired structures (breasts) that contain glandular tissue and it has variable amount of fat.
A diagrammatic view of Mammary gland/image
A diagrammatic view of Mammary gland(fig A.3)

  •  The glandular tissue of each breast is divided into 15-20 mammary lobes, containing clusters of cells called alveoli (Figure A.3)
  • The alveoli’s secrete milk, which is stored in the cavities (lumens) of alveoli. After the alveoli open into mammary tubules.


  •  The  tubules of each lobe join to form a mammary duct, several mammary ducts Join to form a thicker mammary ampulla, which connects to lactifexous duct through which, milk  sucke out. 

So this is short discussed about female reproductive system which important for those who preparing exam.

Here is short note female reproductive system from  NCERT book is very important for 12board or competition students
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