All about IVF:IVF process timeline,success rate,Treatment cost

All about IVF:IVF process timeline,success rate,Treatment cost

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IVF is the the magically technique on medical field where an unborn partner make thier own offspring .Helo everyone in this article section we are going to discuss very very important topic IVF technique,thier treatment cost and so on.


We are going to discuss about IVF,As we know that, a large number of couples all over the world include India are infertility. 

They are unable to produce children inspite of unprotected sexually intercourse.

There are many reasons, a couple unable to produce children.The reasons may be  physical,congenital,disease,drugs, immunological or even psychological.

In Indian often the female is blamed for being childless, but more often than not the problem lies in the male partner. Specialised healthcare units could help in the diagnosis.

Ivf,What is ivf ,IvF Important why need ivf
Test Tube baby

Health care units help in corrective treatment of some of these disorders and enable these couples to have children.

This technique is commonly known as assisted reproductive Technology(ART). However under this techniques in addition there are many categories such as

Type o this method

  •  In vitro fertilization (IVF)
  •  Gamete intra fallopian transfer (GIFT)
  •  Intra cytoplasmic sperm injection(ICSI)
  •  Artificial Insemination(AI)
  •  Intra uterine insemination(IUI)

  However, these are some example of ART but in this article, I will discuss about only In vitro fertilization (IVF).    

What is IVF method ?

In vitro fertilization(IVF)fertilization outside the body in almost similar condition as that in the body. 

In this method ovum takes from the wife and sperms from the husband are collected, and are induced to form zygote under the simulated condition,in the laboratory.

Normally the ovum(egg)and sperm fuse in the fallopian tube of the females ,but due to some reason  the fertilisation can not be happened in the female fallopian tube.

If the fertilization happened in fallopian tube but the embryo can not implant itself.(fig C.2&1)

May be your wife’s ovum is not healthy or  ovulation is not occur,or ovulation is occur but fallopian tube is block due to some reasons, then you have to choose ,a healthy donor’s ovum(egg).

May be possible,famale partner has everything is right but male partner had some problems like their sperms are not healthy and some others causes.

In this condition you have to choose a male donor, who can donate their healthy sperms.

 This technique is commonly known as test tube baby.In the laboratory when the zygote or early embryo develops up to 8 blastomeres( zygote divide into 2-4,4-8’8-16 daughter cells) then could transfer  into the fallopian tube.

If female has fallopian tube problems, then the Embryo is transferred into  directly to the uterus.

Therefore, for transferring of embryo  directly into the uterus the embryo have to develop up to more than 8 blastomeres in the laboratory.

Who relly needs IVF ?

   If you want to starts your family  and for whatever reason could not, you would absolutely talk to your physician about it to find out. It would  be a good option. Infertility treatment such as  IVF may need for the couple, who have decided to have children, after the age of 35, when the female partner is nature fertilized levels stopped. It is possible your natural fertilizers level may stop due to some reasons.  


  • Your partner has low sperm count  
  • Blocked or damaged fallopian tubes.  
  • Advanced maternal age above 35 years.  
  • If there are genetic disorder IVF can use to avoid passing to your children
  • Reduction ovarian reserve.  
  • Unexplained infertility, Where no actual cause      of infertility husband diagnosed.  
  • Poor sperms motility.
  • Endometriosis
  • If you have been a cancer patient and you may have been sterilised.  
  • By the way you had one or two miscarriage in your history and are facing problem in getting pregnant again.  
  • If your ovulation  infrequent /   absent or  there are few eggs  available for fertilization.
  • It loss of normal function of the ovary  before   reaching the age 40 years.      

 Success rate IVF

 The success rate of IVF are  varies is in-patients. The success rate does not only depend on doctor or any  clinic centers  but majority depends on couples as well.

IVF treatment has become quite common these day due to advanced technique of science.

Age limit  is the biggest factor. People under the age of 35 have about a 40% to 50% chance to achieve success conception through IVF.

But  women over the age of 40  have only 12% to 15% chance of achieving successful conception through IVF.  

Your age and using your own egg are important IVF success factors to considered. While younger women have higher chance of IVF success.  IVF is  mostly practice by doctors  in  helping childless couple to achieve fertility.

Is IVF painful?

we can see how this technique applied (Fig c2)

   No part of it is actual painful, however pain is possible, when there are certain injection that  need to take daily for about 10-11 days.   IVF   process might be uncomfortable for some patients.   Painful stage of IVF   1  Ovarian stimulation   2  Egg retrieval   3 Embryo transfer  

IVF Cost in India:

 IVF treatment has  12 to 25 days duration. It’s coast is varies in different cities in India.  

Approximately 70,000-3,00,000    

Minimum approximate 70,000-100,000  

Maximum approximate  200,000-300,000   However, In India it lesser expenditure comparatively other countries.

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