Parturition and lactation ncert note: What are the parturition and lactation ?

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parturition,lactationParturition and Lactation ncert note :What are the parturition and lactation periods? ,delivery,
Lactation :Brest feeding 

Hello Everyone welcome to this blog site, I am going discuss about Parturition and Lactation,this is exam purpose note(article) for 12th competition&board exam. Every lines took from ncert book then I explained  it in simple language and Hindi as well.(see  in violet color paragraph)

Parturition And Lactation

As we know ,the average duration of human pregnancy is about 9 months which is called the gestation period. After that,a newly foetus delivery or coming out in the world,this process of delivery of the fetal(childbirth) is called parturition. P-1

Explain P-1
Gestation period duration between implantation to delivery,then fully developed baby delivers.

In Hindi
 Fertilization se lekar implantation tak ki avdhi ko gestation period kehte hai, Uske bad ek naya baby ka delivery hota hai Jise Parturition khate hai.



Vigorous contraction of the uterus at the end of pregnancy causes expulsion/delivery of the foetus.

.Explain P-2
At the end of pregnancy, to deliver of the foetus need more-more contraction.

Pregnancy ke Aakhir mein Main baby delivery or parturition ke liye Uterus  ka contraction (sankochan)Hona bahut jaruri hai


What is foetal ejection reflex:

 A complex  neuroendocrine mechanism induce parturition . The signals for parturition originate from the fully developed fetal and the placenta which induce mild uterine contractions, called foetal ejection reflexP-3

Explain P-3
 To stimulate or induce parturition, the complex neuroendocrine mechanism helps. The fully developed foetus and placenta induce mild uterine contraction, then send signal for parturition this entire process called foetus ejection reflex.

Hindi P-3
 Parturition ko stimulate or prerit karne ke liye Complex neuroendocrine mechanism help karta hai.


 Purn viksit bhurn aur placenta uterus ko, Komal Roop se sankuchan Karne Ko paririt karta hai, Uske bad Parturition ke liye Sanket bhejta hai es prakriya ko foetus ejection reflex Kahate

In addition, this triggers release of oxytocin from the maternal pituitary. Oxytocin acts on the uterine muscle and causes stronger uterin contractions, which in turn stimulates further secretion of oxytocin. P-4


Explain P-4

 Pituitary glands of the mother releases  Oxytocin. The Oxytocin works  on uterine muscle resulting strong uterine contraction after that, again secrets Oxytocin.

Hindi P-4
 Mother ke pituitary glands se oxytocin  release Hota Hai. Oxytocin uterine muscle per kaam karta hai, Jiske parinaam Swaroop majbute se uterine contraction Hota Hai . Uske bad fir se Oxytocin ka release Hota Hai



Role of oxytocin during parturition 


The stimulatory reflex between the uterine contraction and oxytocin secretioncontinues as a resulting in stronger and stronger contractions.


This leads to expulsion/delivery  of the baby out of the uterus through the birth canal – parturition. 
Soon after the foetus is delivered, the placenta is also expelled out of the uterus. P-5


 Explain P-5
Just after foetus delivery, the placenta also comes out.

Hindi P-5
  Bacche ki delivery ke turant baad placenta  bhi Bahar ajata hai



Lactation period :

Simultaneously the mammary glands of the female, undergo differentiation during pregnancy and starts producing milk towards the end of pregnancy, this process of production of milk  know as lactation. P-6


Explain P-6:
When a women gets pregnant,the mammary glands under go for  differentiation and continues to end of the pregnancy. Soon after baby delivery, milk production starts, all process known as lactation.

Hindi P-6
 Jab Ek Aurat pregnant Hoti Hai Uske turant Bahar memory glands ka differentiation Hota Hai, aur yah pregnancy ke ant-Tak chalta hai, bacche ki delivery ke bad milk ka Banna shuru ho jata hai es prakriya ko lactation Kahate Hain



Importance of lactation:

 Lactation helps the mother in feeding the new born baby. And the milk produced during the initial few days of lactation, which calls colostrum. P-7

Explain P-7
  The first 7 days milk, just soon after baby delivery known as colostrum 

Hindi P-7
 Delivery ke bad 6 -7 dino tak Jo milk mother  ke breast Se Nikalte Hain usko colostrum Kahate Hain


And the colostrum contains’ several antibodies absolutely essential to develop resistance for the new-born babies
Breast-feeding during the initial period of infant growth is recommended by doctors for bringing up a healthy baby. 
* After that Parturition milk secretes and labor pain during baby delivery because of oxytocin.

Several hormones involved during parturition and lactation :

Oxytocin:  Uterine contraction 
Prolactine: Promote to lactation or milk secretion 
Estrogen :   Physically developed breast during pregnancy and secret milk
Progesterone: It is also physically develop the breast with the pregnancy and secrete milk(lactation )
Coristol:  It works for in uterine stimulation


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