Woman pregnant :10 common reasons a woman can’t get pregnant.

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In this article you going to read all 10 common reason either get a woman pregnant or  can’t get pregnant or signs you can’t get pregnant.

At least 10 common reason that a woman can’t get pregnant.

Woman pregnant :10 common reasons a woman can't get pregnant.,childless woman ,woman got infertility,
Everyone (females )wants a normal pregnancy Fig D.1

Why can’t a woman get pregnant ?

 If you  don’t get pregnant after  trying a few time, do not despair and think you   required treatment for infertility. There may be some common reason for not getting pregnant.  I am going to tell you at least 10 common reasons  to answer that questions.(10 common reason a woman can’t get pregnant)

I also have that the above question   isn’t reflecting  feeling  desperate probably  after a long struggle to get a woman pregnant and no result yet. Women can get pregnant only,when the conditions are favourable.

Wrong times for sex: 


 Peoples are not aware that  the best time to have a sex when your  ovulation is occurs.  At  this stage your egg (ovum) is ready to meet sperms of your partner  and gets fertilized.

Do  do you know when your ovulation is occur?

10 to 17 days  of your menstrual cycle is correct time to have sex to gets pregnant.During these days (10-17 days) maximum possibilities to get woman  pregnant because these days ovulation is occurs for those who has 28/29 menstrual

If your menstrual cycle starts 12th April then your ovulation may be occur on April  20 to 25. I suggests you that  you must have sex from April  18 to 28.If spouse have everything is normal it is enough work for you.
Some women have 20/22 days menstrual cycles so their ovulation occurs just after MC bleeding stop. Suppose period stars on 10 January then your ovulation may be occurs on January 16 to 20 so this your correct time for have sex to get pregnant.

No Ovulation No woman pregnant

 If you aren’t ovulating you body is not released an egg so  you can not possible to get pregnant.  Lots of possible reason for hormonal imbalance, due to stress,diet, endocrine issues will  simply cause your  body to miss the signal of ovulate. Unless this fix you want ovulate and get pregnant.  This is fixable.

Woman pregnant,Woman pregnant :10 common reasons a woman can't get pregnant.childless woman,
Ovulation stage Fig D.2
Ovulation is one of those 10 common reasons don’t get a woman pregnant 
 How can you understand yourself when your body is ovulating or not?
Some ovulation signals you can feel  in your body that ,you are going to be ovulate or not.(Fig D.2)

1 when you ovulate  a small amount of Clear gooey types stuff shows up in your  underwear on top  you used after urinating. When you notice this it is the best times  for conception occurs.

If you don’t notice this discharge you may not be ovulating.An egg should be released each month with the two ovaries taking turns.
some others signals are your breast becomes tenderness,light spotting,slightly pain and cramping in your side,your basal body temperature may be increase up to 1/2 degree  you can measure by thermometer,bloating.
What will it happened if your one ovary is not ovulating ?
If your one ovary no releasing eggs but the other one is  releasing, you might only be able to conception every other month. Although your menstrual cycles occur every month. But your ovary not secreting egg every month so alternate month ovulation occurs.
Do you know some amazing facts about menstrual cycles

Blocked of fallopian rube:

Many times your ovaries release eggs each month but the tube either dose not catch it (rarer )or egg stars to travel down the fallopian tube.

If the tube is blocked this process can not take place,tube can be blocked many reasons,this can be due to previous or present pelvic inflammatory disease or other infection in the past.

Woman pregnant :10 common reasons a woman can't get pregnant.fallopian tube,childless woman
Fallopian tube major role play in fertility and infertility Fig D.3
Laparoscopy is the method by which you make clean or wash out your fallopian tube (Fig D.3).whose tubes were blocked, the doctor did a simple procedure and she was pregnant with in two months.
Blocked fallopian tube one of those 10 common reasons that no woman pregnant.

Low sperm count:

Woman reproductive systems are may be totally fine but without healthy and sufficient sperms not able to moving well towards ampullary region of fallopian tube and sperm and egg can’t meet and pregnancy can’t happened. It is important to you to visit a doctor in a fertility clinic if you has been trying to conceive for  more than 1 years very often the problem lies in  low sperm count.

Low sperms count may cause Infertility.Woman pregnant :10 common reasons a woman can't get pregnant.
Low sperms count may cause
Infertility. Fig  D.4
 Your husband has been check out to see what his sperm count is.
 Sperm count is one of the first test doctor recommend in a fertility clinics  the four more expensive tests are  ordered.
Don’t goes for remedies or tips will delay in having a baby and  you need to have child   preferred before 35 years of age,which is your best age for having a baby or woman pregnant.(Fig D.4)

Smoking /alcohol habits: 


 Do you know smoking habits can cause low sperm account? And low sperm may cause  woman can’t get pregnant .
 Are awarded cigarettes contain more than 4000  dangerous substance that  considered as  carcinogenics (  cause of cancer)?

Avoiding alcohol & cigarettes Fig D.5
Avoiding alcohol & cigarettes Fig D.5
Smoking tends to reduce your fertility and can dangerous for your coming baby. You must stop smoking because it is reduce your sperm count.
 If you or your partner drink for more than 4 units in a week or day  then you may be considered as a alcoholic. This habit may reduce the probability to get pregnancy  cause  by one third. This is because you lose appetite and at the end losing your energy.(Fig D.5)

Too much take tea or coffee :

 Take off tea or coffee once or twice in a day it will be okay. You know what any coffee or tea have a chemical name ‘coffein “which is dangerous for health. But don’t have tea or coffee because that coffein tends to decrease  fertility in women and lowering  sperm count in males.

Excess taking tea or Coffee harm for health as well as pregnancy for women,Woman pregnant :10 common reasons a woman can't get pregnant.,childless woman
Excess taking tea or Coffee harm for health as well as pregnancy for women Fig D.6
 Coffee also known as to cause  low birth weight babies  and increase the probability of miscarriage.(Fig D.6) Coffee and tea are also one of those 10 common reason a woman no pregnant.

Stress and Tension:

Stress and tention are one of those 10 Common reasons don’t get a woman  pregnant. Tension or stress can causes various  hormonal endocrine system to be imbalance and signal for ovulation or elements of preparing the body for pregnancy  may not happen.

Due to Stress imbalance hormonal levels,Woman pregnant :10 common reasons a woman can't get pregnant.Childless woman caused  by coffee
Due to Stress imbalance hormonal levels Fig D.7
 Stress can be measure in a short period of time or over the long period of time.sex hormone can occur with stress in women low progesterone levels which can cause hair loss ,low or depress mood.

In males testosterone can be missing,because too much of the precursor  gets into cortisol production,A man who has chronic stresses should go for a testosterone blood test.(Fig D.7)

Imbalanced Diet:

Perfect balance diet makes your body heather.Woman pregnant :10 common reasons a woman can't get pregnant.
Perfect balance diet makes your body heather Fig D.8

Additional vitamins,minerals and food supplements will support your healthy pregnancy.A balance diet does not means stop your favorite food,but it could be simply eating food in a moderate way and quantity,no overdoing.(Fig D.8)

No exercise:


Many people just ignore the benefit of exercise for whatever reason.

Woman pregnant :10 common reasons a woman can't get pregnant.childless woman need exercise
Exercise makes your body,s hormones perfect function Fig D.9  

The primary benefit of exorcising to get pregnant is that you will be in a perfect condition to have quality sex more frequently.(Fig D.9)

Frequently used birth control pills:


 The main way this can happen is when  birth control alters  hormones or when it is effect physiology.
 Hormone birth control such as pills alter the women’s hormone to prevent the ovulation.

Frequently taking Contraceptives pills that can rick alter the imbalance of hormones levels.Woman pregnant :10 common reasons a woman can't get pregnant.
Frequently taking Contraceptives pills that can rick alter the imbalance of hormones levels.Fig D.10
 If you add hormone artificially to a body the body will usually  response by not making as much of  those hormone on its own. So after stopping hormonal  birth control. It’s may take long time to return the normal levels. This can result in infertility and while  it is  usually not permanent.(Fug D.10)

   This is not says that all women who use birth control women becomes infertility,as that is certainly not to case,but there is rick ,and a woman should think about it before staring to use birth control.

You have read at least 10 common reason  either a woman can’t get pregnant or woman pregnant,besides these some other reason may be occur.

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